Halloween Costumes a la HCT

With apologies to Emily Dickinson:

There is no Frigate like a costume
To take us Lands away,
Nor any Coursers like a Piece
of prancing Drapery –
This Traverse may the poorest take
Without oppress of Toll –
How frugal is the Chariot
That bears a Human Soul
in Costume.

At the Hale Centre Theatre costume rental shop, we play an awesome game of dress up. Our goal is to help you tell your story the best way possible – whether your story is to be told on stage, on film or at a Halloween party. With imagination and our costumes, you can travel to almost any place or time on the planet. Yes – our costume shop is an earthbound TARDIS.


What makes us awesome?

Everything! All of it. The pictures on our wall. The barcodes. The carpet. The fancy new layout. We dress cool people up like awesome historical figures, every freaking day. Yeah – we have awesome costumes. That’s what makes us awesome. Did I mention that we’re awesome? We’re just plain old fun! We know what we’re doing and we make people look cooler than they already are. Face it – we’re experts at playing dress up. We look at what makes someone amazing and then enhance that by turning them into Robin Hood or Martha Washington or Captain Moroni or Amelia Earhart or Spock or Zorro or Tinkerbell or Mary Poppins.


So, besides having a great time playing dress up with us, why rent a Halloween costume from Hale Centre Theatre instead of buying a bagged costume from a store?

You get a high quality, totally unique costume that makes you look awesome, as opposed to paying about the same amount to get a costume two other people at your party will be wearing, that fits better on one of them than it does on you and that you can only wear once because it falls apart and you can’t really clean it so you either throw it away or store it for years and then throw it away. Or maybe you’re a woman who wants to dress attractively but not like a floozy. Well – we’re experts at family-friendly, feminine attractiveness.

Give someone a flower

HCT Costume Rental Fun Facts:

Speaking of using our costumes to go to far away destinations: lay out our rental costumes that we store on hangers from end to end and they would reach from our warehouse to the terminal at the airport.

If you were to lay our rental costumes that we store on hangers out end to end, they would run the length of 838 football fields. They would cover the surface of 10 football fields.

Of the about 20,000 costume items in our rental stock, we have individually labeled about 11,700 items. So we still have a ways to go!

We have about 8,000 hangers for our rental stock. If you unbend all the hangers we have and laid them out end to end, you could get from our warehouse to the State Capitol.

If you’re very observant, you will realize that we store things not just on hangers, but in boxes, shelves and hooks on walls.

Pirates were our most popular type of costume last Halloween. Along with Zorro, flappers, Mad Hatter, gypsies, Steam Punk, masquerade, Mary Poppins and the Phantom of the Opera.

Come visit us for your Halloween costume needs! We are open weekdays from Noon to 8:00pm and Saturdays from 10:00am to 8:00pm. Closed Sundays. The address of our warehouse is:
2200 West Alexander Street (2410 South), West Valley City.

Warehouse Map